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Over the past 30 years, we have witnessed a massive evolution of the cutting tool market. We have seen the introduction of integrated supply and vending machines at end users. We have seen the closing and downsizing of local distribution. We have seen the expansions and acquisitions of the large national distributors. We have seen the expansion and proliferation of multiple lines of tooling available to local and national distributors. Due to the global economy, near net sizing, increases in productivity, cutting tool technology and machining technology, end users are using less tooling. At the same time, we have seen the reduction of profit margins and local stocking of inventory. All the while, the end user needs more technical support than ever, and cutting tools manufacturers desire to grow sales and or market share. The truth is that principals can no longer solely count on distributors to grow their market share at end users and end users will continue to select different channel partners in the future. What is the solution, where do we turn?

The Solution: Integrity Tooling is leading the way with a solution to the ever-changing cutting tool marketplace by our unique multi-step process is called The Market Share Solution™. How will you benefit from The Market Share Solution? Our principals experience the confidence that their products will be positioned at the end user with a shared process that will cultivate market share growth and expansion.

We start our Unique process using ISA's Pipeline Deals CRM system. With Pipeline Deals we document every end user we are working with in the marketplace, the tools they use, how and what kinds of machines they are using and what materials they are machining.

Next, we document and process every "Deal" or opportunity that we are currently working on and document the project's progress based upon the proven Sandler Sales Process. This information is shared with our principals on a regular basis. Closed or won as well as new business opportunities are documented and shared with principals. Sales opportunities are also separated by sales territories.

Using our Sales Focus Multiplier, our team meets every 90 days to review, update and re-establish our objectives for each principal concerning People, Products and Projects for each of our lines. This information is collaborated and shared with our principals by territory and as a whole.

The Market Share Solution™

The Annual Sales Growth Navigator™

Annual strategic meeting where sales goals are set using The Strategic Meeting Planner™.

The Professional-Technical Sales Maximizer™

  • All sales team members have been trained using The Sandler Professional Sales Process™.
  • All sales team members have extensive technical product knowledge based upon our Technical Sales Process™.
  • Specific territory goals and objectives are outlined using our Territory Focus Gameplan™.

The Brand Positioning Solution™

  • Brand awareness is increased at end users and distributors by the use and content of our Web Site Market Position System™.
  • Our Target Marketing/Brand Awareness Program™ helps to keep our brands at the top of our customers' minds by including:
    Distributor Inside sales people
    Distributor Outside Sales people
    Key engineering contacts at End users
  • The 20 Minute Brand Awareness Solution™.

The Strategic End User Advantage™

Focused attention at the end user with and on the behalf of the local distributor. We maintain a Special Cloud data base of activities and contacts at all end users that includes, materials machined, types and numbers of machine tools, processes and contacts.

Regular updates of activities at end users and distributors.

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